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1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

Hariette Maria Stark
MCU: Hariette Stark by LochCamaen

1/ One of the senior members of Young Avengers, known as Iron Maiden (yes, there was a legal battle about that, no one's allowed to talk about it anymore)
2/ Hariette's name means 'estate ruler', which was completely intentional on Tony and Pepper's part (they have a 100 year plan that involves world domination through generations of Starks)
3/ While she is best known for her hero work and accomplishments in robotics/computer programming, Hari is actually an experienced business woman and is training herself to become SI's CEO when Pepper retires.
4/ Is best friends with Francis Barton and kiananuva12's OC, Justice Rogers, though she is close to everyone in Young Avengers and Defenders.
5/ Unlike her father, Hari loves alien creatures. To the point of being flirty-creepy.
6/ Is the matchmaker in Avengers Tower, much to the embarrassment of her cousins and friends. Justice especially.
7/ Hari presents herself as a mini Tony at times, though like him, she has a hidden personality that is much deeper than her public one. Only her close family gets to see it.
8/ Natasha is Hari's godmother, and Steve is her godfather (Bruce is already her psuedo-step dad/uncle).

Terrance Phillip Stark
MCU: Starks by LochCamaen

1/ One of the few next gen to NOT be a Young Avenger.
2/ Terry is an honorary member and acts as the team's medical consultant/doctor, though he actually specialises in prosthetic parts (inspired by his half-brother, Peter, and their father working on medical advancements while Terry was growing up)
3/ Is dating kiananuva12's OC, Justice Rogers, through the miracle of inheriting Tony's charm and Pepper's social charisma.
4/ He also inherited a concentrated amount of Tony's Italian Carbonell genes, hence his darker tones and more European features.
5/ Despite being one of the younger kids in the Tower, Terry has always been mature for his age, though he will still take part in prank wars and troll his cousins.
6/ Nat is also his godmother, while Phil Coulson is his godfather.
7/ Is expected to take over the R&D department of SI when he's older, though Terry has plans to extend the medical studies department into its own subsidiary, along with a department that deals with medical treatment for InHumans, superheroes, aliens, hybrids and other Enhanced humans on Earth.
Terry's name means 'like Thor', which was also intentional on Tony and Pepper's part (100 year plan, people).

Ehhh, I don't know enough OCs here on dA so I'll just tag everyone who wants to do this, hahaaa.

Enjoy this uwu

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"Life is just a series of ridiculous attempts to stay alive." ~ Jeff Winger, Community

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Of course you can! I'd love to see your design of her X3
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